Looking for Data You Can Trust?

Modern Healthcare Metrics is a joint venture between Modern Healthcare and Healthcare Management Partners (HMP). Combining twelve years of successful management of hospitals and health systems and large-scale litigation support assignments by HMP, with the quality and integrity of Modern Healthcare, Modern Healthcare Metrics is changing the way you do business. With this database solution, you will have the power to make more informed, evidence-based decisions.

With Modern Healthcare Metrics, you can:
Gain insight into the financial and strategic position of a hospital or health system and make critical decisions based on statistically valid and replicable evidence.

Access robust and detailed data on the performance of healthcare providers across the country or in a local market, which you define. Compare providers’ performance over time again local, state, national or custom metrics or benchmarks.

Analyze competitive positioning, market size, growth expectations, market share by facility type, size, individual or system wide organizations across the spectrum of care.

Conduct virtual due diligence in advance of acquiring, lending to, partnering or transacting with an organization, providing a “sense check” of whether more insight is needed.

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