Turnaround Management

Having led and managed the successful turnaround of dozens of organizations in financial difficulty, we quickly pinpoint and prioritize key issues and know how to lead the organization and its stakeholders to the right solution. Learn more about turnaround management services.

Litigation Support

HMP’s senior executives are trained to enter the courtroom and provide expert testimony based on their extensive healthcare management experience and analysis. Learn more about litigation support.


Developed Modern Healthcare Metrics that delivers data into the hands of anyone who needs to think analytically about investment in the delivery of care. Learn more about benchmarking services.

Interim Management

Our professionals  step into key leadership positions such as Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Chief Executive Officer to provide needed stability during periods of change. Learn more about interim management services.

Financial Advisory

Our focused, tailored approach enables us to rapidly identify and understand potential deal breakers, value drivers, and other areas of interest specific to our clients. Learn more financial advisory services.


HMP has a refined approach for its receiverships that has generated substantial recoveries for its receivership estates by setting assets up for sustained success. Learn more about receivership services.

As the healthcare field continues to escalate in complexity and gravity, so do its challenges. Having access to the expertise Healthcare Management Partners provides is critical to maintaining high-quality healthcare services in rapidly changing communities across the nation.


Healthcare Management Partners works with a diverse range of healthcare organizations together with their bankers, attorneys and advisors, leveraging our deep expertise and technical knowledge across the industry to quickly diagnose problems and implement the right solutions to ensure the continuous delivery of patient-centered, high quality healthcare. We have experience with healthcare providers both in and out of bankruptcy, in all sectors of the healthcare industry (primary, acute, post-acute) and of all ownership types (not-for-profit, government-owned, for profit). We also work for creditor groups, private equity firms, lenders and county boards.



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